Dare with Denim Crop Top
Dare with Denim Crop Top
Dare with Denim Crop Top
Dare with Denim Crop Top

Dare with Denim Crop Top

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Daring yet loving, this metal button crop top features a daring look that is bound to turn heads.


Machine wash cold


Measurements for a Size Small

Bust: 33"/34"

Length: 15"

About Us

Welcome to Evergryn!

A clothing store dedicated to providing you with the clothes you love, while protecting the planet we cherish.

We started Evergryn with a dream, the dream of creating a clothing store that was dedicated to bringing people the styles they love, at the prices they want, while protecting the planet we cherish.

For years now we've worn the styles that have come from fast fashion and bohemian style brands loving the design and the way we feel wearing the clothes, but feeling guilty because we knew the true cost of these clothes.

From the beginning we knew that changing the fashion industry was a huge task that couldn't be tackled all at once.

Like everything in life our goals are a work in progress, with our clothes being cute, but unsustainably manufactured and packaged in China, meaning we have a lot of work to do.

To start off what will be a long line of sustainable initiatives we will be planting 15 trees for every item sold on our website.

The goal of this is to restore balance to natural ecosystems by fighting deforestation, capturing carbon, and even fighting poverty in impoverished nations.

Our next initiative is to bring our warehousing to the United States, so we can not only provide cheaper and faster shipping times to you, but also use more sustainable packaging materials to deliver our products.

The next goal will be our biggest challenge to date, finding a way to sustainably manufacture the clothes you guys love, at a price you can afford.

We won't lie when we say this last challenge makes us both excited and nervous, but we know that like anything in life, nothing is impossible.

If you'd like to support our mission then please tell your friends and family about us, or purchase any clothes you love from our website! Every little bit helps.

We hope that through this mission we are able to provide the clothes you guys love, so you may forever live wild, but guilt free. 

- The Evergryn Team


100% Polyester

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